Consistency and repeatability are words not often associated with Additive Manufacturing. We are changing this.

Process Monitoring Reimagined.

Additive Assurance has developed a process monitoring and quality assurance solution for laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing. High fidelity process data coupled with powerful machine learning algorithms, Additive Assurance allows for full process traceability. Inspired and developed by users, Additive Assurance understands how to take quality assurance to the next level.

Join us on our mission to change additive manufacturing for the better.



Easy to install, simple to use. Our externally mounted sensor package can be setup in under 30 minutes and won’t void a warranty.



An intuitive user interface backed by deep learning algorithms. Our software provides real time alerts so you never miss a beat.


Full process traceability and machine analytics. Have confidence in your AM build from start to finish.