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In situ Process Monitoring for all
Laser Powder Bed Fusion Systems

AMiRIS: Unified Production Quality Assurance

AMiRIS is an independent in-situ process monitoring solution for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Metal Additive Manufacturing from Additive Assurance. Able to fit to the majority L-PBF machines, the unit enables QA reporting across a fleet of multiple machine types. The patent pending technology combines a suite of optical sensors to gather micron-level detail, and through machine learning provide rich insight into the process.

Agnostic to number lasers and capable of detecting a wide range of process instabilities AMiRIS offers more than simple process monitoring. Adjustable thresholds for tracking, notification and or intervention ensure highest machine utilization and quality control. Backed by powerful machine learning algorithms, this process monitoring solution is taking Quality Assurance in metal Additive Manufacturing to the next level.

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It's about Productivity

Know immediately when a build is non-conforming. Real-time feedback shows defects as soon as they occur, with the option to automatically stop a build that surpasses a user set defect threshold.

distributed manufacturing

It's about Distribution

Standardised quality tracking and reporting independent of machine type and location. Ensure distributed supply chains are producing components to specification, no matter where they are.


It's about Readiness

Rapid manufacturing, now also with rapid certification. Ensure part conformance in-process, reducing the time from print to in field deployment.


Generate 2D/3D process maps to pinpoint and characterise defects, anomalies, and machine errors.

Full QA Reporting

Centralised quality assurance platform collects all machine process data allowing streamlined QA reporting.

Vendor Agnostic

Our platform independent solution can be used with any laser powder bed fusion system. External mounting or machine integration options available.

Multi-laser Compatible

Use with one laser or four, our technology is capable of multi-laser tracking and can be used for monitoring laser overlap areas.

Rapid Retrofit

Our externally mounted vision system is simple to install and requires zero machine modifications. No impact on gas flow or machine warranty.

Access from Anywhere

Cloud based software means you can track multiple machines at any time using our intuitive user interface.